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Weekly Sessions

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Upcoming Faith at Work Schedule

December 1st-3rd: Bring Your Business With You
December 7th-9th: - New Life at Work

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What We Do

How We Help

We help leaders of businesses and organizations in Memphis live out their kingdom purpose.


Proclaim God’s love through the Gospel of Jesus and explain how His kingdom promises make a difference in everyday work and life.


Provide leaders with Christ-centered counsel and wisdom to empower them to approach everything they face in life and work with a kingdom mindset.


Produce leaders who confidently steward their gifts, resources, and relationships as redemptive agents of God’s kingdom.

Weekly Group Meetings

Bible study with group discussions covering: life purpose and meaning of work, leadership, blessing others, redemptive entrepreneurship, and cultural impact.

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Individual Meetings

In-person or virtual one-on-one meetings to discuss big decisions, career or job changes, big idea feedback, strategic planning, investigative faith study, and more.


Weekly Groups

Our Wednesday and Friday groups meet before work and during lunch at the Clark Tower (5100 Poplar) in the main floor conference center. Our Thursday lunch group will meet downtown at 356 South Main St.

Click here to access our recurring Zoom meeting.

Click here to access our recurring Zoom meeting.

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