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Weekly Group Meetings

Bible study with group discussions covering: life purpose and meaning of work, leadership, blessing others, redemptive entrepreneurship, and cultural impact.

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Individual Meetings

In-person or virtual one-on-one meetings to discuss big decisions, career or job changes, big idea feedback, strategic planning, investigative faith study, and more.

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Learn To Lead Like Jesus

Our groups will be learning and discussing the most dominant figure in history and the greatest leader of all time.

Jesus built the world's largest and most successful, purpose driven, and diverse organization in the history of the world.

Having transformational impact on over 5 billion people, Jesus is the preeminent example of the leadership attributes the world needs today. Amazingly, He calls us to "go and do likewise." Join us as we...

● Learn more about Jesus and His leadership attributes
● Engage with modern examples who imitate His leadership now
● Impact others by going and leading like Jesus
● Trust Jesus to care and lead you

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